Why are EyeducationUK providing ophthalmology webinars and events?

Have you been watching the C-19 Eyeducation events via eyeducation.co.uk and wondered who is behind it all?

EyeducationUK was set up by an ophthalmology consultant and three ophthalmology trainees with a background of medical education. Our aims for setting up the C-19 Eyeducation programme were to enable colleagues who were redeployed to medical wards during the COVID-19 pandemic to continue their ophthalmology education and maintain some sort of normality. See our about us page.

This idea escalated as we noticed a lot of ophthalmology trainees had regular postgraduate teaching sessions stopped due to social distancing and changes to service provision.

We saw this as an opportunity to share high-quality speakers from colleagues or teachers we knew and shared them for all to learn from. A timetable of two speakers a week was put together, and two time slots were allocated to keep familiarity for participants. Encouragingly many consultant ophthalmologists volunteered their time to speak and after many an email sent, we compiled a programme covering curriculum based topics spanning a range of sub-specialities.

It was important to spread the word so all could gain from these online teaching sessions. This was done by:

Ready with a list of speakers and topics, we produced attractive artwork posted on our social media accounts to draw people to our events. All this had to be done in a matter of days to ensure we attracted the most appropriate and abundant audience.

As the teaching events were provided online, we chose Zoom as the platform. With no prior knowledge of webinars or providing online teaching events, we learnt fast that we needed two people hosting the event. One host would introduce the speaker and the other would make sure the participants were muted.

Ready with our speakers, topics, virtual platform and audience aware via social media channels we commenced our online bi-weekly free postgraduate ophthalmology webinars and events.