How to apply for Ophthalmology Specialist Training (OST) in the UK

For 2020 applications, apply via the Severn deanery website.
  • ST1 applications up to 90 vacancies. Opens 5/11/20 Closes 1/12/20. Interview date: 12/03/21.
  • ST3 applications up to 20 vacancies. Opens 5/11/20 Closes 1/12/20. Interivew date: 12/03/21.

How can Eyeducation can help?

Ophthalmology is a competitive speciality and we discuss top tips from successful applicants on their application journey. Our webinar series is an essential guide for those of you beginning to consider ophthalmology to find out more about how the process works.

To access Part 1 & 2 of our webinar series on ‘How to Apply to Ophthalmology Training’ click here.

Part 1: Application overview, 5th October 2020

The first part of our webinar series gives an overview of the OST application process as a whole. We discuss the MSRA exam, portfolio and interviews with ophthalmologist Dr Sean Zhou with a helpful Q&A section to finish.

Part 2: Your portfolio, 12th October 2020

The second part of our webinar series focuses on the portfolio, delivered by one of the top scoring applicants Dr Arun Kiru, an ophthalmologist at the North London deanery. We cover tips on how to structure your portfolio with a model layout and examples. This webinar comprehensively details how you can maximise points on your portfolio to give yourself the best chance of having a successful application to OST.

Part 3: The Interview, date to be finalised & will be announced on our website and social media accounts in due course

The third part of our webinar series covers top tips for the OST interview with consultant ophthalmologist Mr Gwyn Williams. With COVID-19, this year sees a new virtual shift for the interview and we discuss the most up to date information on how the interview process is changing. It is essential to perform highly at interview as it accounts for the majority of points in OST applications. We discuss key tips and tricks to help you prepare and succeed on interview day.

Ophthalmology Specialist Training

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Invited author: Eleanor Palmer Final year Medical Student, Manchester University

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