Top 5 Tips on How to get Published in Medicine

Tip 1: Who you know

Involve an expert in the field, who knows the literature on the subject well.

Tip 2: Keep to the point

Journals do not have unlimited space to print nor do readers want to be reading basic information that is generic or well known. Keep the paper focused and to the point.

Tip 3: Succinct methodology

The methods section needs to be very detailed. It should contain all the information to permit another researcher to replicate the study exactly.

Tip 4: Stats

Use the correct statistical approach. Have a low threshold to seek advice from a statistician. This is advised early in the process, preferably prior to starting the study for support with sample size calculations for example.

Tip 5: Take a break

Once you have the ‘final’ version of the paper ready for journal submission, print it out and put it away for 1 week. Then spend some time proof reading it for spelling and grammatical errors. There is nothing worse for a reviewer than reading a paper that is littered with spelling/grammatical errors. It shows lack of attention to detail and increases the risk of the paper being rejected.

Invited Author

Colm McAlinden – A well published Ophthalmology trainee – Wales

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Top 5 tips on how to get published

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