About us

Eyeducation, Eyeducation.co.uk and EyeducationUK

Our History

Eyeducation was launched in April 2020 in response to the appetite for online video linked education during the COVID19 pandemic via Eyeducation.co.uk by EyeducationUK. We offer bi-weekly 30 minute teaching sessions delivered by high quality speakers from around the UK. EyeducationUK sessions aimed to fill the void of postgraduate teaching, allowing all UK Ophthalmology trainees free access to up-to-date and evidence based practical ophthalmology teaching. Read more about our experience of delivering this nationalised live video-linked series here. We are currently advertising webinars/online events delivered by other institutions in the UK accessed via our website. Do check out our events page for more details of the programme and other related events.


 Feedback From Participants

Our C-19 events have been enjoyed by many ophthalmologists in training as well as others involved in eye health and vision sciences.

98% learnt something new that would be applicable in their clinical practice

Our sessions have been tailored towards UK ophthalmology trainees to maintain and enhance their understanding of various eye diseases.

95% felt it was easy to engage with the presentation and speaker

The virtual format and chat function allowed more people to ask their questions whom would have otherwise been intimidated to do so.

66% believe this type of video conference teaching could replace traditional face to face teaching

It provides the ability to practice social distancing safely whilst being an active participant and contributor to the session.

“Eyeducation filled a gap where my weekly teaching had reduced during the pandemic. Thank you”

“After a COVID nightshift it is truly wonderful to be in this virtual happy place of learning about the eye. Thank you again!”

“Absolutely fantastic – so engaging and pitched at the right level”

Feedback from C-19 Eyeducation participants