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Life as a New Consultant Ophthalmologist

A quick synopsis about me. I undertook my 7 year Ophthalmology training in the UK followed by subspecialty fellowships and it is now time to find a consultant job to feel settled and put into practice everything I have learnt. I will share my journey from here on, sharing what others don’t tell you, coveringContinue reading “Life as a New Consultant Ophthalmologist”

Reflections on Remote Working as an Ophthalmology Trainee

Working from home as an ophthalmology trainee was not something that I envisaged at the start of my training however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I quickly found myself having to adopt a new way of working. Busy shifts in eye casualty, subspecialty clinics and theatre were suddenly replaced with risk stratifying lists of patientContinue reading “Reflections on Remote Working as an Ophthalmology Trainee”

Top 5 Tips on How to get Published in Medicine

Tip 1: Who you know Involve an expert in the field, who knows the literature on the subject well. Tip 2: Keep to the point Journals do not have unlimited space to print nor do readers want to be reading basic information that is generic or well known. Keep the paper focused and to theContinue reading “Top 5 Tips on How to get Published in Medicine”

Tips for your first year as an Ophthalmology Trainee

Sean Zhou, Rynda Nitiahpapand, Binita Panchasara, Twishaa Sheth Incoming ST2s, NHS HEE East of England Deanery The time of year has come again, where a fresh batch of ST1 Ophthalmology Specialty Trainees (OST) start their seemingly epic journey. Firstly, congratulations and welcome to the incredible world of Ophthalmology, but also prepare for what is oftenContinue reading “Tips for your first year as an Ophthalmology Trainee”


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